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As floor fitters London, we host a variety of services to our esteemed customers. Our primary goal is to answer to the wood flooring installation needs of our clients and to seek their satisfaction regarding the new wood flooring installation.

Wood flooring installation is a fairly complex and lengthy process; our competitors often try to find the short cut and though they would prepare the floor quicker for you, the result would not be anywhere near the quality of finished floor that we produce. You see, as a wood floor fitter we understand that there are many steps that cannot be overlooked and done in a hurry. The sub floors have to be prepared, underlays to be chosen and then installed and of course then comes the real wooden flooring which has to be laid carefully and then finished perfectly.

We offer the following services:

Flooring Fitting London - Floor Installation - Floor Sanding - Flooring Repair - Gap Filling - Renovation - Varnishing

Each of these aspects is necessary and each of these steps has its own requirements and therefore has to be attended in proper time. Of course our wood flooring fitters will not intentionally delay the job and keep you in distress. Our wood flooring fitters will guide you throughout the process, keeping you aware of all the pros and cons of each step. You can rest assured that we will do our best in doing the job as early as possible and in the most skilful manner.

The underlay is a material produced from a variety of products, like foam and rubber, and is used as a base to the actual wooden floor. Apart from the levelling purposes, the underlay is also chosen to add some insulation and soundproofing. After the underlay we finally arrive to the wooden floor, where you will be required to select the type of wood flooring layers you want and we are going to select the installation method of these wood flooring layers. Finally, our wood floor fitter will sand the floor and do the finishing. If you don’t want a messed job of your wooden flooring, then directly come to us.

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Wood Floor Services In London

If you are not aware of the various steps that every worthy wood floor fitter takes and which most of other floor fitters miss out on, then let us increase your knowledge by briefly describing them. Our first step is related to preparing the sub floors. They need to be absolutely clean and free of any potentially harmful substances that can cause trouble to the floor after the floor has been laid. These substances include moisture, dirt and dust etc. Next, the subfloor has to be levelled. Because we are top floor fitters London, we are capable of levelling the subfloor in the best manner possible and if it cannot be levelled out then and underlay is spread over it and fixed.